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1. I've seen multiple Anti-Twilight groups, but I've found that so many are full of people who simply hate the books... for the sake of hating them. I'm trying to make a group that is based on reasons, ideals, morals, and goals.
2. To create a safe-haven of sorts for those who are tired of the name-calling and yelling, those who actually want to get their opinions and their thoughts heard.
3. To increase awareness on the negative impact Twilight is having on the young population, as well as the older.
More reasons may be posted soon; this is just to get the straight bones set.


1. Anyone can join, just click the "join" button. :D
2. No limit on submissions, but please try to spread them out; one hundred messages at a time in their inboxes can be overwhelming to anyone.
*Stock images/motivational posters must credit their sources, and will have to be checked individually before being accepted.
*Overly vulgar or mindless hate-art may be rejected for submission, but might be analyzed for favorites.
*If art is rejected, please don't whine; if you're confused as to why, I'll be more than happy to explain.
*Please don't link overly vulgar things to the front page; at least tell us what you're linking to, if you must. There are small kids on this sight, guys.
3. This is a civil place; over-use of cursing or vulgarity is not to be tolerated. First offenders will be politely warned. Second offenders may or may not be blocked from the group.
4. If Twilight fans come to flame, be civil toward them, as painful as that may be; we're trying to find reason, not start a war.
5. Flamers will be warned, and then blocked if they don't heed said warnings.
6. No racism, sexism, or prejudice; this will not be tolerated. At all.
More specifics may be posted later.
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Submitted on
July 15, 2010