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I posted this in another Anti-Twilight group, but I think it's important enough to post here, too.

As an author, I try to look at both sides of a picture: rather than only deciding why I dislike the books and the ideas the books carry, I also attempt to look at why people like the series. I consider myself to be a reasonable person, if a blunt and straight-forward one.

One must remember that when expressing their displeasure of a series, they must be careful not to offend, for when we ourselves resort to name-calling, we make ourselves look no better than the very people we stand against. For me, that means that I must be polite and reasonable with "Twitards" as they are often called, even when I personally am in the line of fire.

I myself struggle to understand the appeal of the books: while sometimes it is pleasant to read a mindless story that is quite clearly a fantasy derived from emotions and opinions rather than logic, it is also found that those who have written such things are themselves in need of emotional or physical help. The story itself is very lacking of a true plot or depth, which appeals to those younger or of simpler mindset because it makes the books easier to understand and process. The ability to fantasize about someone who is not real is often an appealing thought, especially for those who fear true commitment or for those who are not ready to truly give their hearts to someone.

These facts, while understandable from a psychiatric standpoint, are also troubling, because those who find appeal in the above statements are often young and easily influenced. A young girl who reads a story such as this may very well base her future relationships on the ideals that Twilight is so fond of showing. One of my key concerns about this series is that it will give young girls a model by which they will shape their own ideas.

This is worrying because the relationships modeled in this series are, in all honesty, not healthy, nor are they particularly safe. A young girl may find someone like Edward appealing, because they have seen his actions to be fictional, and hence safe. In reality, a man who is as controlling and seemingly dangerous as Edward has the potential to be extremely abusive and threatening. While at first his possessive behavior seems innocent and fond enough, one must remember that he shares many of the same traits that real predators and serial killers show early on in relationships. He threatens and warns Bella in a way that is subtle enough that leads to a false sense that he is concerned for her safety rather than testing the control he can show over her.

From a strong-minded woman's standpoint, this is a frightening thing to be showing to the young population who is already struggling in this tough time. Meyer's seemingly innocent works weave ideals into the books that are unrealistic in the real world, and this worries me. I am interested in learning what fans of the series think of my opinions, and want them to feel free to contact me on this subject.

Just some of my musings. Please tell me what you think! I'd love to hear others' views on this.
queen-of-spew Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2010
Actually this worries me as well. Usually books are completely fictional and can be distinguished from life. However, young girls could come to see Edward as an ideal partner.

While there is nothing wrong with wanting a man to be slightly "possessive" of them, I fear that Meyer is making it seem that possessiveness is nothing to be worried about.

One of the main things that worries me though is the writing. When I was a young girl, there were books like Roald Dahl, Stephen King and L. Frank Baum. These advanced authors were excellent in challenging use of English and I believe they (and other great authors) contribute to developing capable future writers.

Now we see mediocre writers like Stephanie Meyer publishing books and grabbing the attention of girls everywhere. While I understand it is good to read (even if it's a piece of CRAP) I do not like how seriously girls are taking it. They go as far as to say it is the best book ever written.

The book is not only distributing deceitful values among girls, but it is also attempting to lower the standard of english literature to girls.
TransFlashbacks Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2010
You have no idea how relieving seeing comments like this are. It's awesome to know that there's still sense in the world.
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July 15, 2010